Motus MST to undergo tough road test

The MST should come to market in the summer.
The Motus MST hits the street for road testing next week.

The Motus MST, one of the most interesting developments in today’s world of motorcycles, is getting ready to hit the road, July 11-30.

We’ve given you a few glimpses of the Motus MST in past months as the the Alabama-based company unveiled their new V4 sport tourer, built around a small-block Chevy V8 engine with direct gasoline injection. Motus has posted photographs and videos of their machine in action, but now they’re putting it to a far tougher test – they’re taking it on a shakedown ride in the real world.

Since they don’t have a top-secret test track located in some desert, Motus instead is riding their bike thousands of miles in a circuit around the U.S., headed north from Alabama first, then west to California, then south through Texas, then north again to Alabama. It’s an ambitious ride for a bike that, as yet, is pretty unproven, but it’s also a great way to work any bugs out. It’s also a great way to publicize your machine at every gas and food stop during the trip.

Unfortunately, this tour isn’t headed close to Canada, but if you want to see more of the MST, don’t worry – we bet there’ll be plenty of photos of the bike as it makes this trip across the U.S. … and of course, you can always follow them on Facebook.


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