Ride to Work Day!

Get on your motorcycle and ride to work today! What, you're already at work, and you forgot? Shame!
Get on your motorcycle and ride to work today! What, you're already at work, and you forgot? Shame!

Hey there! It’s June 20, and you know what that means, right? It’s Ride to Work Day!

The annual Ride to Work Day event is the brainchild of Andy Goldfine, Aerostich founder. Hoping to raise the public’s awareness of two-wheeled transportation, Goldfine started a non-profit organization that gets people’s butts on to their motorcycles for a ride to work at least one day out of the year.

Goldfine’s stated aims for Ride to Work Day are to demonstrate the number of motorcyclists to the general public and to politicians, to show that motorcyclists are from all occupations and all walks of life, to show that motorcyclists can reduce traffic and parking congestion in large cities, that motorcycles are for transportation as well as recreation, and that motorcycling is a social good. Quite a mouthful, but if we can help out by riding to work today (which you should be doing anyway!), we think it’s a great plan!

Check out Goldfine’s Ride to Work website here to find out more about his mission, or order yourself some T-shirts.


  1. no die hards left?wtf?i ride everyday.rain,sleet ,snow adds to  the adventure.cold heat more variety.come on people ride!

  2. As luck would have it I did ride to work on the 20th.  But, it would be nice to get advance notice on these things just in case we don’t know what that means.

  3. I rode in!
    Weather here in Toronto is perfect for it today…
    Another reason for the rest of ya to hate Toronto……suckas! 😀
    Now about that darn stop-and-go rush hour traffic here…

  4. It’s been raining for over a week, but today the weather broke…so I rode in…then I find out I’m supporting the “Annual Ride to Work Day”…when really I was just having bike withdrawls…


  5. Would’ve loved to have been able to take the Bike to work today, but here in St. John’s it’s yet ANOTHER cold, wet miserable day … just like it’s been all Spring 🙁 ….

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