Friday Fudge

Welcome to Friday Fudge – a weekly round up of the more ‘unusual’ motorcycle related stories that are just too silly to post on their own, but raise a much bigger chortle when you slap them all together and take the piss.

Bob the builder rider

Some people need to seriously consider buying a pickup truck, as we see in this video of some studs on a motorcycle — and no, that isn’t a new Chippendales routine. No, this video proves that apparently American motorcyclists that are unable to afford pickups are following in the footsteps of their Asian counterparts and using their bikes to haul stuff around. In this case though, it’s not livestock, it’s building materials. It’d be interesting to watch them lane split with that arrangement.

None of the gear, some of the time

We don’t know what motorcycle the nudists were riding, but we’re betting it was a Bultaco Streaker. Photo:

In some areas of the U.S. motorcycle helmets aren’t required, and many riders leave them at home. But, Marine gunnery sergeant Steven Sheals from North Carolina took things one step further — he and his lady friend decided to go for a motorcycle ride wearing no clothing at all.

As you can imagine, the bare-butted duo’s ride did not end well; both passengers were thrown from the bike as they attempted a turn while streaking down the street. Despite what must have been an epic case of road rash, Sheals’ misfortune elicited no sympathy from authorities — ensuing charges landed him in psychotherapy and also got him seven days in jail. They probably had no choice when faced with the naked truth of his misdeeds.


Flippin’ crazy

Sure, it seemed like a good idea at first, and then this happened. Photo: MCN

Australian stunt rider Kain Saul had a problem that he didn’t turn over in his head – he almost turned it over on his head. Saul, the first man to backflip a Harley-Davidson, decided to try his luck again recently, but not with an easy bike like the Sportster — he’s been there, done that. No, Saul decided to do it with a Road King.

Things didn’t go well the day Saul decided to try the stunt over a foam pit. He went up the ramp, got the heavy touring bike rotating in the air, and then realized he was in trouble. Even a foam pit can be a dangerous fall when a 367-kg bike lands on top of you.

Thankfully, when Saul landed, the bike missed him. The episode wasn’t over, though – the bike’s gas spilled everywhere as it fell 20 feet into the foam, and then the hot exhaust started to set the foam alight. The crew managed to pull the Harley-Davidson out with a crane before it went up in a blaze.

Has Saul learned his lesson? Nope. Now he’s wrenching on his Road King, figuring he can still make the backflip with a gearing change and some hotrod tuning.

Source: MCN

A romance gone wrong?

Bike accidents are never funny, but once in a while you have to laugh at a stunt that goes awry, like in this YouTube video. It’s hard to figure out exactly what sort of manoeuvre the rider had in mind, but it looks as if he was making unwanted advances on his motorcycle – and got rebuffed for trying. As Editor ‘Arris says – “That’s what you get for trying to hump a Ninja.”

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