A smart buy?

Forget about buying that new V-Rod as a collector's bike! Sink your money into Harley stock instead, if you're a patient investor, says a U.S.-based business analyst.
Forget about buying collector bikes! Put your money into Harley stock instead, if you're a patient investor, says a Milwaukee-based business analyst.

Do you have some extra money lying around that you’d like to invest?

With most motorcyclists, that’s a bit of a rhetorical question, as our two-wheelers have a way of eating up any extra coin we might have in our pocket. But if you do have a few dollars to put away, consider this: you could actually make money from motorcycles by buying Harley-Davidson stock, says a story in Business Week.

Don’t expect to triple your money in a month if you go down that route, but in the financial world, where markets are constantly fluctuating, an analyst from wealth management company R.W. Baird and Co. says that Harley-Davidson stock is a good buy for a patient investor.

The wealth management firm has been around since 1919, so they’ve obviously weathered the Great Depression, a far worse financial crisis than the present one. Why does Milwaukee-based company analyst Craig Kennison like Harley’s potential? He says sales are picking up again for Harley-Davidson, they’ve slashed their costs, and they’ve got great potential in overseas markets (remember that Asian HQ story we ran last week?).

Harley stock is trading around $36 these days, and has traded from around $21 to $43 in the last 52 weeks, but Kennison has given Harley-Davidson an “Outperform” ranking – he figures it’ll do better than the broader U.S. equity market this year. So, if you’re looking to invest some dough, maybe it’s time to see if you can earn back some of that money you’ve sunk into motorcycling over the years.


  1. 1. Ever stricter emission controls and now annual inspections mean the pushrod v-twin will struggle to make 30 hp.
    2. While there are millions of bikes in Asia, only a tiny percentage are larger than 150 cc.
    3. If you are so talented at picking stocks, what the hell do you need me and my money for?

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