Rally Connex offers spring training

Tune up your dirt skills by heading out to Rally Connexs spring training day.
Tune up your dirt skills by heading out to Rally Connex's spring training day.

Ontario off-road event organizers Rally Connex are running a spring training day again this year, on Saturday, May 7.

Registration opens at 7:30 a.m. at the Tyrone Community Centre  in Tyrone, Ontario; the pre-ride briefing comes at 8:30 a.m.; cost is $65 if you’re a cheap miser and pre-register before May 4, and $80 if you’re a procrastinator like the rest of us.

The morning briefing will cover such useful trail knowledge as basic GPS functions, route navigation, protective equipment. They’ll also go over bike set-up, riding position, luggage use, weight distribution, and talk about how to tackle trail obstacles.

All bike sizes are welcome, so feel free to show up on your Super Sherpa.

The morning riding session will go over mud riding techniques, braking drills, power turns, deep sand, taming the whoops, off-camber situations, and emergency manoeuvres. After lunch (it’s provided, but you are only guaranteed eats if you pre-register), the afternoon session will cover more off-road riding technique training and practice, before returning to the course start by another GPS route.

All sizes of bikes are welcome, so you’ve got no excuse for staying home, whether you ride a 250 or an 1150. For more information, visit Rally Connex’s website.


  1. “whether you drive a 250 or an 1150” Drive??

    Sounds like a good course for noobie dirt explorers, don’t scare them off with talk of ‘driving’ a motorcycle…

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