Production hit in Japan


Japanese motorcycle production has been disrupted by the ongoing series of disasters.

Details on how Japan’s ongoing disasters will affect the country’s motorcycle exports are still sketchy, but Honda has released a few pieces of information.

They’re suspending operations at Japanese production and research facilities until March 20. They also say they’ll co-operate with rolling electricity outages, and will donate 300 million yen and a thousand generators to the disaster relief efforts.

Suzuki also has announced a suspension in production, but only until March 17; management will decide at that point when to return to production.

Yamaha Motors issued a press release this morning saying their factories have escaped damage, and that production will continue today, to be re-evaluated tomorrow. They will co-operate with electricity blackouts.

We still haven’t heard an official word on how Kawasaki has been affected by the earthquake, tsunami, or nuclear power plant emergencies, nor do we know if motorcycle shipments at sea have been affected by the tsunami. Stay tuned for more details as they come in.


  1. Errrrr… yes, of course. But look at the pictures of the ports with containers strewn everywhere and I think you get the idea.

  2. A ship at sea (in deep water) wouldn’t be affected by a tsunami, it would just be a slight swell that would hardly be noticed. It only does damage when it hits a shoreline and the continental shallows.

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