International Motorcycle Supershow

Ifsupershow-2011-logo-600.jpg you live in the Greater Toronto area you can get your motorcycling fix this weekend at the International Motorcycle Supershow.

Although major motorcycle distributors are not officially present, you’ll still see lots of new models, as well as a bunch of vintage machines to boot.

Tons of aftermarket retailers will be present, offering bargains on what you’ll need to start the season.

The Supershow will be held at the International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga. Show hours are from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday, and from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. Tickets are  $18.

For more info go to the Supershow website here.


  1. Out here on The Left Coast the show is Jan 20-23. It’s 13 bucks online and prob more at the door but it’s still a cheap days entertainment for anyone looking to get their bike “fix” while waiting for the season to begin.

  2. Tons of interesting bikes, more than half a dozen Vincents, including Dunga Din, Dave Smith;s Bonneville Bike. Don Haddow’s Corduroy bike from the fifties!!WoW!
    Got my money’s worth, even tho we forgot to see one hall

  3. Generally, I am okay with the price, but to buy tickets on line costs more by $1.20 each?!?! I do not get it.
    Normally buying a show ticket, like this weekend’s boat show is cheaper than buying at the door.
    I’ll buy ’em at the door.

  4. Holy whiners Batman, I hear this every year. $18 or $15, big deal (no i’m not rich), but if I can’t ride, I can at least hang out with other riders, talk bikes, plan trips, look at some cool bikes (old and new) and pick up a few good deals on accessories. I got a few good deals and easily made back my $15.00 (probably close to $50 I saved).

    It’s January in Ontario, get off the couch!

  5. Yea…WOW…$18.oo put back into the motorcycle industry. Maybe it would be better spent taking the family to a Leaf game, or out for a nice supper or maybe even a moving picture show???

  6. The coupon is only good on Friday and Saturday nights after 5:00 p.m.
    Yes, $18.00 does seem high but, I paid $17.00 just for parking at the M.M.I.C. back in December.

  7. Its $18 bucks because its the best show of the year. Why would I pay extra to have the big corps try to sell me their latest offerings. This show is about bikers, and one offs, and clubs, and great deals on gear.
    I can go to any showroom and see a brand new GSXR or what have you, when was the the last time you saw a mint condition Vincent BlackShadow or a turn of the century Harley that looks more like a bicycle than anything.
    Trust me, this show is worth seeing.

  8. Hey;

    If you want to fly me out to big sky country, I’ll gladly save $3 on admission, or I could just use the coupon I got at the Dec show…

    Anyone that can’t, or won’t spend the money, got something they want to see??? Pics can be made available

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