Choppers on the curriculum


Kids are learning business skills via chopper building in Wisconsin.

Teenagers in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, are building mini choppers as a school project.

Five teams of high school students will build bikes in a project called Project Mini-Chopper. It’s part of the Manitowoc County High School Manufacturing Project and this is the third year the project has been running.

The goal is to promote manufacturing in the area and to teach business and manufacturing skills to students.

Each team is sponsored by a local company, which will own the mini chopper upon completion in the spring. Completed projects have to be good and have to run if the students want a passing grade.


  1. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, why is it like so many who post on any given day, have to put a negative spin on things. At least their learning a skill. There’s a chap south of the border by the name of Kevin Baas who’s a shop teacher out of Kennedy High School and runs a similar program. Big names in the V-twin industry like Baker, Paughco, and a few others donate parts to the project. The bikes are sometimes entered into shows but more times than not are sold off to fund the program to keep it going and not relying solely on the educational “tit” to fund it. What a novel approach.

  2. the skills learned from designing, managing and building a project bike are ones that need to be encouraged. Too many people cannot build anymore. I am always happy when someone comes up with an idea that teaches MAKE skills in a way that people want to apply.

  3. Dumb Idea !
    Choppers are so yesterday. The fad has lost momentum.
    Looks like a full sized Chopper from the included pic.
    Next – Imagine the law suits when that porous weld lets go.

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