Virtual tour of Europe


Pick your route, et voila! You’re riding in Europe.

A motorcycle tour through Europe is
high on the wish-list of many riders, but generally kind of

Now, thanks to Harley-Davidson France,
you can do it without going there.

The French distributor has launched a
website that contains a virtual tour with surround-visuals; it’s
an interactive, 360-degree tour of Torino, Lake Como, Milan, Genova,
Monaco, Nice, and more, a week-long ultimate Europe ride.

By selecting the part of the tour
you’re interested in, you initiate the video, and then by dragging
your mouse around, you can see what’s beside you, what’s behind you,
even what’s overhead.

Of course, it’s all in French — but
then, you’re Canadian, so you speak French, oui? Tant pis, just go
there and start riding.


  1. :grin

    Who would want to do Europe on a Harley? Do you see how many turns those roads have?! Most Harley riders would fly off the first tight left hander!

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