OPP officer charged


A dangerous U-turn resulted in charges
against a police officer and a motorcyclist’s visit to an Ontario
hospital last week.

An Ontario Provincial Police officer
was charged after making a U-turn that caused a 62-year-old Binbrook,
Ontario, motorcyclist to collide with the police car. The officer was
charged with a driving offence following the collision.

The motorcyclist was treated at a
hospital in Hagersville, Ontario, and then released.

There was no word on the condition of the motorcycle.


  1. So the moral of the story is …. always expect a car stopped on the shoulder to abruptly make u-turn, just as you come along side.

  2. I see it all the time. Almost happened to me once. In the Belleville area you always see the marks “J’s” we call ’em from the shoulder out!!

  3. [b]From the Haldimand OPP site:[/b] “As a result of the investigation, Constable HOWE was charged with – Start From Stopped Position, Not In Safety, contrary to Section 142(1) of the Highway Traffic Act.”

  4. What an asshole. It’s no-brain driving moves like this that get riders killed. A cop should know better. I’m glad the rider is okay.

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