Five rules to stay safe


What’s wrong with this picture? Take the MSF challenge and test your awareness.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation in the United States is
promoting five rules of safe biking for Motorcycle Awareness Month,
which is celebrated every May in both Canada and the U.S.

Top of the list is skills
certification: Get properly trained and licensed. Unlicensed riders
in both countries are over-represented in fatal crashes, so that’s
the first step in staying safe.

Other rules: ATGATT, or "All The Gear
All The Time." "Riders should gear up properly before every
ride,even if just riding down the street for an errand," the MSF

Don’t ride drunk or high is Rule 3. Enough said.

Rule 4: Ride within your skill limits and obey
traffic laws. This includes staying alert to road conditions. The MSF
offers an on-line "Rider Perception Challenge" to help you test
your reactions.

And finally, "be a lifelong learner" is number 5.
There are plenty of adanced rider courses for motorcyclists who have
moved beyond beginner status — and we can all use a skills brush-up
from time to time.

Of course CMG readers won’t have to be
reminded that these rules are protective, but they make good sense,
and May is Motorcycle Awareness Month — so a little extra thought toward improving our own
awareness couldn’t hurt!

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