Ridley feeling poorly


The Ridley Motorcycle Company has stopped making motorcycles.

Known for bikes that appeal to beginning riders but that resemble larger cruiser style motorcycles — automatic transmissions and low seat heights were a common feature — Ridley was taken over by a company that used to sell Ridley-branded products, 2 Wheel Ventures.

The new owner says it will provide parts and technical support to Ridley owners, will recondition used Ridleys, and will reorganize the assets. Three years ago, 2 Wheel Ventures was licensed to market clothing and accessories using the Ridley brand.

The company says it will continue to develop some "innovations that were never introduced to the market," according to dealernews.com, and will "bring them to market while continuing to service and support" Ridley motorcycles that have already been sold.

Ridley got in trouble by borrowing too much money for expansion when times were good in 2005–2007, then wallowing in debt when the credit crunch happened.

Will new Ridleys be manufactured? It’s possible, the company says, if the market conditions improve.


  1. Bryon I love it way to tell Gummiente (nice name) the way it is. Well since he cant go 120 miles an hour he should stay on the porch let real riders like you ride. Nascar cars are manuals either

  2. Love my Ridley. Maybe they were ahead of there time. A lot more women are riding now. I am asked about my Ridley everywhere we go. She stands out,
    a very pretty bike. Would love to have a 3 wheeler Ridley.

  3. Well. On one hand, I always hate to see a niche market bike cease production; these bikes exist because there is a need for them, usually by those who do not like to “go with the flow”. But on the other hand, I’ve always viewed the low seat height and automatic transmission of a Ridley as selling points that draw people into the two wheeled world who otherwise wouldn’t have bothered. If you can’t learn (or can’t be bothered to learn) how to shift you shouldn’t be on a bike, IMO.

    • And that’s exactly what that is……………your OPINION! So you suggest anyone with a disability, or an amputee, so not have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of being on the open road like anyone else because they can’t shift and clutch? So I should assume that because you have such a “closed mind” outlook that you shouldn’t be allowed to think? Now does that sound fair to you? Sometimes you need to think a little more outside the box, or at least think a little more before you speak. I’m sure there will come a time that YOU will be in a position that someone else will question your ability to do something and you will think “what a jerk”. My thoughts exactly!

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