Leanings exposed


We all know there are limits, but sometimes it’s hard to judge just how close we come to the edge.

Now, Metzeler offers help in the form of its new Sportec M5 motorcycle tire. There are lean indicators carved into the shoulder of the rear tire that will help you determine just how far over you’ve had your bike — after the ride, of course.

Markings numbered one through five are placed at lean angles of 25°, 30°, 35°, 40°, and 45°. Beyond that, you should be using pure race tires — and you should be on the track.

Metzeler isn’t saying if riders will push themselves past their own personal limits in order to avoid the embarrassment of friends seeing that they are only 25-degree riders, but it might also be a tool that police could use in investigating crashes.

The new Sportec M5 Interact tire is also claimed to have other benefits. Designed for naked and supersport bike, the tire tread is engineered for both dry and wet conditions and for increased life. Effective water drainage, good flexibility, and uniform wear are other factors, Metzeler says.

The company says footprint is enlarged at lean angles by up to eight per cent, offering increased stability, better feel, and improved grip. A high silica compound offers quick warm-up and better adhesion.

Of course, you can’t get it yet, but Metzeler is planning a major launch in early March in Portugal, with 30 motorcycles and the world’s best motorcycle magazine riders. Hmm, now where did we put that invitation?



  1. flapdoodle and bunkum. The funny thing is that every tire i’ve read about in the last few years makes the same claims. Increased life? Oh yeah, I believe that one. Especially rich is how the manufacturers talk about how the tire’s latest tread patterns have been optimally designed for the highest performance, and yet they change the tread constantly as style demands. We’re all such suckers when it comes to technological flim-flam. Made to feel insecure about being under-engineered whether it’s running shoes and clothing or computers and GPS, etc.

  2. “the tire tread is engineered for both dry and wet conditions and for increased life. Effective water drainage, good flexibibility, and uniform wear are other factors”

    So basically, it’s engineered to be an all season tire, good at everything, wonderful at nothing.

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