Dainese jumping ship


Dainese, the Italian leather specialist that supplies
Valentino Rossi and other top-level racers with suits and other gear, will
close its factory in Italy and move the work to Tunisia.

The move is intended to cut costs, but some leather will
still be cut in Italy for the likes of Rossi and Max Biaggi.

About 200 Italian workers will be unemployed,
but Dainese will spend money to help retrain them for other work.

Meanwhile, the company’s top cutter, master tailor Silvano
Celi, will be in the U.S. on Sunday with his measuring tape. Signore Celi is
making a one-day appearance in Costa Mesa, California, to take orders. He’s the
guy who fits Valentino Rossi into his Dainese leather suits, and has done so
throughout Rossi’s career, but he’ll measure you for a suit if you get there in time.

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