Extreme enduro for Alberta


Photo: www.cornergas.com

A promoter of "extreme hard enduro" racing plans to put on an event in the Badlands of Alberta this summer.

Lee Fryberger, who founded a race team called Corner Grass (CGRT), says this will be the first such competition event in Canada. In honour of the dinosaurs that roamed that part of Alberta millions of years ago, he’s calling it "Xtinction."

The area where the extreme enduro will be held is "the most compact, gnarliest terrain imaginable and will offer unbelievable spectator and media viewing opportunities."

He says a "significant purse" will be offered in order to draw top riders from North America and Europe. A hare scramble sanctioned by the Canadian Motosport Racing Club will be held there the day before the extreme enduro event.

It’s scheduled for Aug. 22 at Patricia, Alberta. See www.cornergrass.com for more.


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