BMW six-shooter unholstered


BMW revealed a six-cylinder motor at the EICMA show this week that will be placed in touring and other motorcycles.

The "Concept 6" is barely wider than a conventional four-cylinder layout, the company says, and will be powerful: 96 lb-ft of torque at 2,000 rpm and horsepower similar to BMW’s 1300 cc four cylinder motors. Long-stroke cylinder designs help keep the motor narrow and limit max rpm levels to less than 9,000.

The first BMW-6 will be seen in a "luxurious BMW touring machine," they say, but it will be an "ideal power unit for a wide range of different motorcycles" because of its power and (for a six) small size.

BMW suggests that the six will use a ride-by-wire throttle technology to improve fuel economy and performance. And perhaps thankfully for future owners, long maintenance intervals will be allowed by the use of cup tappets to control valve movement.


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