The sound of one foot running


Honda has revealed a sit-down competitor for the Segway, the U3-X unicycle.

The figure-8 (or infinity symbol standing on end, just like a unicycle)-shaped U3-X employs a large wheel that’s composed of a number of smaller wheels that can rotate independently. Leaning forward, back, or to the side controls the motion of the small wheels and thus the larger unicycle.

The X model (that’s X for eXperimental) weighs 10 kg with its one-hour battery. Honda says this little machine came out of research done with its Asimo robot.

The seat and footrests fold in for ease of carrying around the office. If you’ll swallow the notion that this is a bike, then it’s an example of what CMG features editor Costa Mouzouris calls a "fundamentally flawed" motorcycle — a bike with an odd number of wheels. But you’ve gotta think it’d be a blast in the office!




  1. If any of you have seen the kids movie Wall-e, where the future has humans weighing 800 lbs and riding around on automated loungers, seems Honda has started the ball rolling.

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