Release – Costa Mouzouris new Features Editor at CMG


Until we made him Features Editor, Costa (left) was forced to stand at all CMG meetings.

As part of CMG’s
commitment to the highest quality motorcycle journalism, we’d like to announce
the addition of Costa Mouzouris to the CMG editorial team in the role of Features Editor.

Costa’s new duties will include being in charge of
allocating, organizing and partaking in test rides / product launches and
ensuring that there are always fresh and entertaining features on CMG.

According to CMG Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Rob Harris,
"We were very proud to have been able to launch Costa’s moto-journalism career
back in 2002 and are thrilled to be able to welcome him back after a successful
stint as a staff writer and subsequently editor at Cycle Canada magazine.

"I have no doubt that Costa’s professionalism, experience and
well-earned respectability within the industry will prove to be a great asset
for CMG. With the economic downturn and the general decline of the print
industry, we’ve seen a progressive shift towards the Internet. With Costa on
board, CMG has an excellent team with which to maintain its position at the top
of the Canadian motorcycle media."

Costa joins CMG News Editor and West Coast correspondent
Steve Thornton, motorcycle reviewer Steve Bond, and Racing News Editor Larry
Tate … oh, and Editor ‘Arris who will continue to oversee the whole process.

Good to have you back Costa!


  1. I’m sorry, did I say that out loud?
    Damage to the front part of my brain causes these impulsive outbursts … I’ll try to control them in the future.
    Great you finally have someone who knows their stuff … oops 🙂

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