Motomarathon rides again



The second Motomarathon will be held September 11-14 at Pikes Peak, Colorado.

Motomarathon racks up serious miles over a long weekend and is a modification of an Italian form of sport-touring.

American John Metzger formed the Motomarathon Association after years of conducting semi-competitive "pass rides" around the Colorado Rockies. The concept involves "riding as many twisties as possible, along the most scenic routes, all day long for four days," he says in press material. It’s not an Iron Butt-type event, but a long-distance long-weekend with curves in spectacular scenery.

From the website: "In 2006, Metzger celebrated 20 years of Pass Rides by organizing the Colorado Cinquantapassi (50 passes). … After a Ducati-sponsored junket to Italy for the Centopassi in 2007, Metzger and riding buddies Paul DiMarchi and Jon Simisky (former owners of Northern Colorado BMW-Ducati) created a fusion of past approaches to establish a new criteria set for a new sport: Motomarathon."

The first U.S. Motomarathon event was held in June with about 50 riders taking part in the four-day mountain-pass crucible.

Now, with the second Motomarathon event coming up, records will be kept and a championship series begun.

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