BMW still selling well


BMW still hot

BMW Motorrad continues its sales success in Canada with a June record of 242 motorcycles, up 18 per cent compared to June 2008.

Year-to-date sales for BMW are 1,171 motorcycles, which represents a 25 per cent increase on the first half of last year.

BMW motorcycles have been selling in record-setting numbers (for BMW, that is) right through 2009. In April, for instance, the company enjoyed an all-time best monthly sales record of 357 motorcycles.


  1. Truthfully, I thought their focus on cheaper and simplier models (as a seed strategy to a younger demographic) would cheapen the overall brand and affect sales of higher end units. But its seems they’re overcoming that by producing a very good though cheaper product. That said, it could be misleading just looking at sales as their profit per unit is likely down.

    Triumph’s also having a good year. Good for them.

  2. a bunch of good, new models that came out in last couple of years.
    I know that I would get an F800GS if i could afford it…
    … stupid recession…

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