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All Hail the Stripmeister


Gleason rips off a quarter

We’ve often wondered what became of Jay Gleason, the Quarter-Mile Quartermaster that motorcycle magazines went to whenever they needed a spectactular strip tease.

Gleason could tear a stock motorcycle down a quarter-mile drag strip faster than anyone else in the business and was the guy who made 10 second runs common, then 9 second runs.

Now, considerably older and greyer, but no bigger (size was one advantage) and apparently no slower (his reaction times were certainly another), Mr. Gleason has loaned his talents to the new VMax Yamaha, and the results were predictable, if you knew who this guy was.

The combining of Gleason, the new VMax, and a dragstrip were the project of owner (and new VMax owner) Tim Nash, and the picture of Tim and Jay on the front page of his site is worth a million bucks. We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy…

Ooo, that’s fast! Ooo, that’s cold!

With the death of the American economy, certain changes have been necessitated, including the sale of the Bonneville Salt Flats to a Mexican fast-food chain – but now comes news of a replacement world land speed domain – except it’s not on land, but water.

Well, not water, but ice.

See for yourself. Thanks to Erik Buell and the cruelly cold Swedish winters, where the temperature can plummet to -10C, literally freezing the great Dellen Lake, those brave men and women who quest for speed once again have a playground. Even if it’s in winter, on ice.

On March 4, rider Craig Jones pushed a modified Buell 1125R through the frigid Swedish air at nearly 150 mph.

Yes, we make fun, but the Buell really does go very fast, and it does it on ice.

Can’t live with ’em!


You can get some good deals on eBay, especially when men behave badly.

The owner of this ’96 R6 says the damage inflicted by an angry wife was not the result of liaisons with other women, but for some reason she got hold of a hammer and a knife, and proceeded to decorate the Yamaha with them.

The bike was in mint condition before the woman went to work on it and the last time we checked was going for just over £ 1,000.

Here’s a note from eBay: On 06-May-09 at 18:42:15 BST, seller added the following information: just to let all you people who want to know in no way shape or form was this the result from me being unfaithfull.

Maybe, or maybe not. Have a look for yourself.


  1. -10 eh??

    I’ve been camping (army style) at -54C, should I bring a jacket???


    Seriously, 238kph, is it really ‘that’ fast?? I mean, on a bone stock 600cc Ski-Doo, I’ve seen 190kph. What can that Buell do on dry land?

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