Your own personal European MAIDS


MAIDS, the most comprehensive and—just as important—current study of motorcycle crashes in the world, has come out in a second edition.

The Motorcycle Accident In-Depth Study report from the European Motorcycle Manufacturer’s Association is an extremely well-researched study of motorcycle crashes in Europe.

The first edition was good reading for anyone interested in surviving as a motorcyclist on public roads, and the second edition should be even more so. It also makes good ammo for debunking certain unpleasant myths, such as the notion that speed alone is a killer. And even though the data is European, it’s valid for Canadian riders, since they allow boneheads to drive cars in Europe, too. And to ride motorcycles—though that unfortunate group would not include CMG readers.

This is a comprehensive, valuable, and occasionally interesting document, and best of all, it’s in English, and second-best of all, it’s free. You can download it at, though you’ll have to register first.

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