700 protest Quebec insurance


A weekend protest against increasing registration costs for motorcycles in Quebec drew about 700 people in Montreal on Saturday.

Riders cruised a number of local highways at the minimum legal speed on Saturday afternoon to draw attention to their cause, a sharp increase in motorcycle registration and insurance fees.

A spokesman for the demonstrators said the Societe de l’assurance automobile du Quebec, the state-run insurance and registration agency, discriminates against motorcyclists. Coming increases of more than $1,000 are being cited in the case of sportbikes.


  1. Tell them it’s a show, advertise free food or something, and appoligise for the inadequacies of a poorly chosen caterer… And now that they are all ‘PO’d, start railing on the Insurance industry…

    For me it would be things like ‘legislation requires it’, it’s ability to produce a profit should be legislated too, and losses could be a taxable benefit for the corporation. Millions in profit every year on the backs of the average joe, just increases the likely-hood of cheaters.. Thus the reason we need ‘Uninsured driver’ insurance. 🙁

  2. Insurance goes up in Quebec; they get 700 protesters. Insurance goes up in Ontario; we get 40 protesters. We need their organizatinal skills.

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