CMG T.O. Pub Night report


Talk bikes, drink, talk bikes, drink …

It’s been a while since I attended a pub night in Toronto, but this Monday just gone was back to the usual place at the Bull and Firkin on Yonge and was thankfully attended by the usual crowd to boot.

Long missing off the Soapbox, bbb even made an appearance, and in a much more svelte form too. CMG’s resident tester, Steve Bond ventured out of the safety of Oshawa to share a pint and some stories and we even had two new faces, both of who I sadly forget their names courtesy of Mr Smithwick.

CMG photographer, Rob MacLennan brought down his huge fancy camera and shot off some pics, which are now posted on his site for all to see. If you want to put names to faces, follow the links off this list (all left to right, names used are Soapbox handles if known):

1 — Fazer, Bondo, Stagman
2 — 2 Tall’s t-shirt
3 — Bill, (blury), ‘Arris, two new guys (names?), 2 Tall (blury)
4 — Stagman
5 — ‘Arris and new guy
6 — Bill, Bondo, 2 Tall, Dave (?)
7 — Back of Harry (bbb), Bill, Dave (?)
8 — nsbbb (not so big bearded biker) in profile

9 — Fazer, Stagman, Bondo
10 — ‘Arris
11 — Chris in T.O.
12 — Joel (The Editor’s brother in law)
13 — Bondo doing what he does best
14 — Johnny Phatt
15 — Johnny Phatt & Michelle

Thanks to all that came, let’s see if we can get this event back onto a regular schedule!

Cheers, Rob


  1. The two new guys are Jeff and Bill (a.k.a. Chilli)

    One noteable item – 3 people rode to the Pub Nite, and (go figure) we were all on V-Stroms! Yes, it was a ‘Chilli’ ride home to Newmarket…

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