Smoke on the what? Eh?


Deep Purple, rockin’ Dubai

They don’t do small in Dubai, so when organizers of the Dubai Bike Week went looking for a rock act to entertain Middle Eastern bikers, they didn’t settle for some pansy modern band. They asked themselves, "Who’s the loudest bunch of geezers in the world?"

And the answer was deafening: Deep Purple. You remember them. They were famous 40 years ago.

Dubai Bike Week starts on Friday and includes Gulf Bike Expo with motorcycles, ATVs, the latest gear, custom bikes, and other products from around the world.

Deep Purple may be getting on, but they can still rock, and they will, on Friday. Tickets are 295 UAE dirhams, or about $100 Cdn.


  1. Blackmore left the band around ’77 or so. His follow up band was called Rainbow. Not sure that he ever returned to Deep Purple. Wikipedia blows.

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