Canadian release of One Week


It’s rare that something good comes to Canada first, but "One Week," a new movie staring Joshua Jackson and a Norton Commando, makes up for all the times we get it last.

The Globe and Mail’s Liam Lacey called it "an alarmingly life-affirming road movie," and the trailer does nothing to dispel that — unless you’re actually sick of Wintersleep’s "Weighty Ghost." In that case, you ain’t human, we say. Ain’t human, no sir.

But if like most of us here at CMG, you actually are human, you might be pleased to note that "One Week" starts across this great nation of ours on Friday, and in the U.S.A., it doesn’t.

When Ben learns that he is terminally ill, he casts off his daily grind and climbs aboard a Norton Commando for a ride from Toronto to Tofino. Along the way he stops at some all-too-recognizable landmarks (think Terry Fox), meets some Canadian icons, and comes to understand what it is to be Canadian.

Have a look at the trailer, but don’t wear it out. Somebody else might want a look, too.



  1. Wait for the gasket set to arrive?
    I just tole my wife that if I get the big C, buy me a bike quick, (& I don’t mean a Harley)

  2. One week to live, and he decides to cross the country on a BRIT-BIKE? It’ll take that long for the gasket set to arrive.

  3. Looks good, I’ll definitely go see it. But…

    … it’s a shame that movies can’t portray a motorcycle journey as part of a long and fruitful life. Maybe that’ll be the message that comes out of it, but it seems like one last chance to ride, and “it doesn’t matter if he’s killed on the motorsickle, cause he’s gonna die anyway.”

  4. 1. I was sick of Wintersleep before this, and this won’t help.

    2. Holy crap, is that you ptrip selling that bike out of your garage at your old place by Ossinton??

    3. The movie looks decent

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