Sportster on YouTube


Harley-Davidson has released a video on YouTube showing their new Iron 883 Sportster.

The two-minute video features an ordinary Harley rider, a sort of "Joe Harley," riding into a factory, then through a gate into a compound. "This is not a secret society," the narrator says, and he goes on to explain that the Sportster is for everyone.

You can have a look right here, right now.



  1. Hmm, looks like Harley is trying to appeal to the lower income blue-collar crowd. People who long for the days of hot-rods and grease? Are 70s style helmets going to overtake beanies in popularity?
    I especially like the “solo seat” and then a shot of his woman on the back. Make her ride on the fender!
    Fun vid, but sure doesn’t make me want the bike.

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