Fury at outer limits


Honda has released additional details about its 1300 cc Fury chopper. The bike has the longest wheelbase of any Honda motorcycle ever built, at 1,808 mm (71.2 in), and has a low seat height of 678 mm (26.7 in).

Forks are 45 mm, and the single rear shock has adjustable rebound damping and five position spring preload. Rake and trail are 38 degrees and 89 mm (3.5 in). The rear tire size is 200/50-18 (front wheel is 90/90-21 as reported Thursday).

The liquid-cooled 52 degree V twin motor is a single overhead cam design with three valves per cylinder. Bore and stroke are 89.5 x 104.3 mm, and compression is 9.2:1.

That motor will drive the bike via a five-speed transmission and shaft drive, and the Fury will be available in graphite black, bordeaux red metallic, and matte bullet silver.

Honda evidently wants this bike to turn heads and catch the attention of the huge chopper market. A press release issued through CNW Group (a promotions outfit) calls it "a machine that radiates attitude and delivers a total riding experience approaching the outer limits of motorcycling."

The price has yet to be determined.


  1. Times are changing,people are getting more educated,
    Jap bikes are way better and more affordable than HD.
    Next guy to go under is Harley.
    Harley……………………. a big fat over price paper tiger.

  2. 8) Again as a Honda Salesperson I wonder where some of you live, under rocks? No offence by the way but I talk to bikers daily by the dozen and the interest in the VTX1300 Fury – that is what it truly is – is amazing…they love this bike even if they do not own a Honda…I have ppl (HD lovers too) wanting it so bad they will buy it blindly, but sadly I have yet to know the price to charge.

    Those claiming lack of power, again it is a VTX1300cc engine Styling? – Most tell me that they are happy to see Honda wrapped around this bike, spells quality that does not cost two arms and two legs.

  3. It would be very interesting to know who does Honda listen to? People wish for all kinds of bikes, but I’ve never ever heard anyone saying “Honda, pls build us a chopper ….”

  4. Is the chopper market really THAT big? I see maybe one chopper a year on the road, yet Honda brings in this bike rather than the very desirable Transalp 700. I presume they know their market, but it certainly doesn’t work in my favour.

  5. The local dealer thinks the price will be about $18,000CDN which is way too much considering there are alternatives from Victory which are just stunningly good looking and powerful. IMHO

  6. They will a few to the Honda faithful. It won’t have enough power or individuality to sell to anyone else. Not a bad bike but way over-hyped IMO. So far, I personally like the new Suzuki TU250 much better than this Honda. 8)

  7. When I look at this thing, I don’t know if I’m seeing the depths to which Big Red has sunk or an example of corporate detachment. Do they really think that the guys who buy these things will ride one without a Harley or S&S engine in it? Why do this when you can do so many better things? Did management listen to the little voices saying “Me too, me too!” Maybe they should have “styled” it to look like a Zero fighter or something, then they’d really be in, just like OCC.

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