Skybrake solves crime


Skybrake: for the dispossessed

We wondered about this device when the company’s website claimed it’ll protect your bike if your keys get "dispossessed."

The Skybrake is a two part motorcycle security system that is claimed to keep your bike from disappearing, or becoming "dispossessed," if some thug yanks you out of your seat at a stop light and assumes ownership.

The Skybrake transmitter in your pocket will tell the receiver on the motorcycle that, hey, owner is no longer associated with this vehicle. Skybrake then shuts off the engine before the hijacker can get more than a couple of metres away.

Of course, if you want a motorcycle hijacker stalled just a couple of metres away from you, that’s your business. We’d just as soon let him and any weapons he may be carrying get far away from us. That’s what police and insurance policies are for.

One more thing: Skybrake’s manufacturer is headquartered in Latvia. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; it’s a beautiful country.

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