Taser-cop to be charged


Taser: is there a connection?

An RCMP officer from British Columbia who was involved in a fatal taser incident at Vancouver Airport a year ago will be charged in the death of a motorcycle rider on the weekend.

On Saturday night, the officer was off duty and driving a Jeep when a collision occurred with a motorcycle ridden by Orion Hutchinson, 21, in Delta, a city near Vancouver.

The motorcyclist died at the scene. The officer will be charged with impaired driving causing death and with exceeding the .08 blood-alcohol limit.

The RCMP officer had been moved into the Olympic Integrated Security Unit, which is preparing for the Vancouver Olympics. He was one of four RCMP officers who were involved in the taser death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski last October at Vancouver International Airport. An inquiry into that incident has just been delayed one more time.


  1. Yeah the cop was probably upset by the ‘incident’ at the airport. Hmmm … we don’t hear about Robert Dziekanski’s mother driving around drunk and I bet she was way more upset than this bozo.

  2. There are NO EXCUSES for drinking and driving – especially if you’re a cop. I don’t care what kind of traumatic event you may or may not have suffered.

    No wonder the general population has less and less respect for the Red Serge.

  3. I wonder why it takes over a year for RCMP inquiries to be held
    after an incident where an officer’s behavior is in question.
    This is not a trial, I believe, only an inquiry !

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