Confederate Fighter


It’s definitely unique!

Normally, when CMG staff read stuff like “The Fighter clarifies opaqueness and nullifies hype with straight-forward true to concept certitude” it’s pretty hard to hold back a serious retch.

Nevertheless, if there’s any manufacturer out there other than Confederate that can claim to be true to concepts, we’d like to know where it is.

There isn’t much simpler than any Confederate model, basically a huge two-litre Harley-clone engine tied to the wheels with various bits of monocoque high-tech weirdness made largely from titanium, aluminum, and carbon fibre.


Would James Bond ride one of these?

Where the Wraith is built around circles, the new Fighter is built around a right-angle triangle. You may not love it, but you’ve got to notice it. As for stuff like, “the saddle of the Fighter is your place for those outings which require extended time, geography, meditation and distance,” well … maybe the language comes with the design thoughts.

The good people at Neiman Marcus (yes, the same odd-ball high-end “department store” that specializes in ultra-expensive stuff every Christmas) certainly are impressed, as they’re offering 45 Fighters in a limited-edition version for a mere $110,000 U.S.

And if you think the Fighter is weird, check out Confederate’s latest concept

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