HYmotion3 concept


Screw the Smart car …

If you mated a BMW C1 (a roofed scooter that was classed as a car in Europe) with an MP3 (Piaggio’s three-wheel scooter, not Apple’s music playing device), you might end up withsomething like Peugeot’s glass-roofed two-seat HYmotion3 Compressor Concept, which showed up this week at the Paris motor show.

The two-seater HYmotion features electric motors driving the two front wheels, and a supercharged 125 cc internal combustion engine driving the rear.

Peugeot says it can run in electric only, IC only, or both modes, and that performance figures are comparable to a conventional 400 cc scooter, at 0-100 km/h in 11.2 seconds with a 110 km/h top speed. The batteries for the electric motors are recharged via a regenerative braking system.


While Peugeot has been a fat zero in North America for many years (though there is now an importer who is starting to bring in a scooter or two), it’s still a very big player in both the automotive and scooter markets in France and some other areas of Europe.




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