Man who crashes into motorcycles gets small fine


We don’t have a pic to go with this story but we did find this …

A New Brunswick man who drove the car he was driving into a group of
motorcycles who were on their way to a wedding, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention or insurance on Monday.

Matthew Francis, 27, was fined a total of $2,404.50 and had his licence suspended for four months after he
hit the motorcyclists when he swerved into their lane while trying to calm a child in his car.

The victims were all members of the Fredericton based Canadian Army Veteran Motorcycle Unit, three of which were sent to hospital with serious injuries (including the groom), one had to have a foot amputated.

The judge said that Francis was very fortunate not to have hit someone’s pet or done some damage to city property as that would have been a much more serious offence and may have warranted something draconian, like a year’s suspension or even – god forbid – jail time … ah, no he didn’t, we made that bit up.



  1. The lack of judiciary accountability is simply outrageous. It goes both ways – too lax or too strict. Where is the balance? Someday we’ll get wise and ensure that judges too need to answer for stupid decisions.

  2. This is a major reason why most our drivers suck! My wife was hit by a car a few years back while walking the dog. The driver was charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian-$110 fine. So if I’m caught driving 50km over the speed limit on one of our many deserted highways my car is impounded and it costs me many thousands but if I’m drinking in the local church and hit and injure a pedestrian I get a $110 fine.

  3. Just motorcyclists were maimed, they have it coming to them after all. Even if he killed them he’d get off. It’s not as if passive limp wristed Canadian motorcyclists will do anything about it, that would be impolite…

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