Tiger_rsf_sm.jpgCompany: Triumph Motorcycles

Models involved: 2005–2008 Sprint ST 1050, 2007–2008 Tiger 1050

Problem: On some models equipped with the optional accessory luggage rack system, the slide carriage (part of the rear rack assembly) may not offer the
required amount of lateral movement, resulting in reduced stability
under certain conditions. 

Well, that’s what Transport Canada say, although I’m afraid to say that we haven’t got the foggiest when it comes to deciphering what that means … except that it’s likely not a good thing to have happen. 

Consequence: Like most bad things that happen while riding a motorcycle, you may lose control and you may crash. If you do, you may walk away with a boo-boo or something a little less pleasant.

Fix: You know the drill, take it to your dealer who will check that your rack moves as it should … there’s something a little odd about that last bit.

Recall Number
: 2008049


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