Barcelona bills victim


Barcelona Mayor Jordi Hereu: "Yes, 600 euros. And for another 50, I’ll eat this microphone."

It seems only fair — you damage somebody’s motorcycle, you pay to fix it. In this case, however, it’s like paying a doctor to mend a guy’s hand after you’ve injured it with the point of your nose.

The website is reporting that a British woman was hit by a police motorcycle in 2006 while she was walking across a street in Barcelona. The police motorcycle had illegally entered a bus lane when the crash occurred.

Katerina Ann
Bilek sustained moderate injuries in the collision, but did not sue the cop. Now the Barcelona city council, apparently catching the scent of English blood in the water, has sent her a bill for about 600 euros, to pay for repairs to the motorcycle.

A real tourism booster, that one.

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