Cops get driving lessons in UK


"Oy! Wazzat Paul Gee carrying out another risk assessment?"

It’s fun to go fast. Just ask any British traffic cop. It’s no fun to get caught, though. Just ask any …

Paul Gee used to be a member of the Durham Constabulary. That was until a mobile speed camera nabbed him on the M8 motorway in November 2006 doing 118 mph.

He was also the head of a police driving school, which he used in his defence, claiming that he was carrying out a risk assessment for the driving school.

Unfortunately for him, the court didn’t buy it and Gee is now not only retired from the force but for three months from driving to boot.

The fun and games for Britain’s constabulary don’t stop there. Britain’s former senior traffic officer, Meredydd Hughes, was handed a 42-day driving ban recently after being caught doing 90 mph in a 60 zone – also by a speed camera.


  1. Very true – you have to be careful in the UK now for sure. However, the positive aspect of the whole thing is that they have to notify you of a camera coming up, so you at least have a fighting chance.
    I doubt that will happen in Canada …

  2. It seems that in England they have succeeded in taking all the fun out of driving and or riding and it seems Canada is not far behind. A sorry state of affairs.

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