Manitoba proposes new anti-racing laws


Street racing finish line …
Photo: Colorado State Patrol

It’s kind of like a three-strikes law
for motorcyclists, except you only get one strike.

If you street race
in Manitoba, you could lose not only your licence, but also your bike under proposed
changes to the province’s highway laws.

Granted, you might get your licence back, a year
or more later, but your bike will be history.

The same penalties currently apply to
people convicted of dangerous driving causing bodily harm or death.


  1. Yes going Vintage racing is about 1K-2K per year assuming 4 race weekends and maybe one additional truck day. Vintage bikes with 30-70HP don’t uses much tires, The bike can be initially purchased for $1000 to $1500, and usually quite reliable and should last for 3-5 seasons before a major rebuilt is required.
    I found that is the major expense is registration fees that run to between $100 and
    $200 depending on number of classes raced.

  2. So is racing there going to be like Ontario, i.e. by yourself going 50K over the limit? To me a race includes others in the event whereas 50K over while solo should be called speeding. Am I missing something here in this definition?

  3. 1 – 2K a year to race? Must be pocket bikes. But I do agree the track is the apropriate place for racing. The laws will probably have a hard time defining racing vs dangerouse driving or even speeding.

  4. You can do truck days or even better you can go club racing for 1-2K per year so why should one risk himself on the street?
    Probably one reason is that transponders don’t lie and your lap results sheet will expose your skill level while on the street you can claim that you reached 323.7 km/h just before you had to slow down for that red light ….

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