Ride to Wolf winner


Karina may not be happy with this …
Photo: Ian "it’ll do" McQueen 

The CMG/Wolf BMW ‘Ride to Wolf’ errr, ride, is done for 2007 and there’s a winner!

The self-guided 180km ride started in Fergus in central Ontario and meandered around the province, ending at Wolf BMW in London. Participants were required to answer 10 questions along the route, with the winner (drawn at the end of the season) getting a BMW Club Jacket courtesy of Wolf BMW.

This from Wolf BMW co-owner, Ian McQueen:

"Paul Bogle of Gads Hill, ON was the rider.  His daughter Karina was his passenger, who found the answers to all the questions.  I think they got nine out of 10; anyway they won the draw.  Paul generously gave the prize to Karina, and here is a really bad photo of Karina." 

Oh dear, apologies to Karina for the pic ….


  1. I’m glad Paul and his daughter found Wolf’s and won a jacket. Good for them. I too found my way to Wolf’s this summer looking for an oil change. I knew as a walk in the chances were not good and so it was. I wasn’t ready for the rudeness of the refusal nor being followed around like Ali Babba and the Fourty Thieves when I wanted to look around the show room. They have a great web site, very welcoming. But I left their premises with the feeling of a boot print on my butt.

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