Welcome to the new News!

Uh? Yes, it sounds like a whole load of tripe, but what the new system will allow us to do is update news items on a daily basis, enabling the readership to see what is happening now, not last week and you’ll even be able to search for specific news items.

It’s also part of a complete switchover of the CMG Online website to a more dynamic and integrated format which will see an easier to use and (god forbid) more up to date site. Yes, the new soapbox will actually happen … well, unless I just jinxed it again.

In the meantime we want your feedback on the news format. It’s a tricky job picking out what was good with the old and adding the trinkets of the new without upsetting the balance. All feedback is welcome, although we might not be able to get back to everyone who submits it.

If you have something to say, please submit it on the CMG Soapbox or email me at editor at cmg online dot com. Oh, and a big thank you to our tech guru, Patrick Shelston, who’s hard work is what you’re seeing the fruits of now. Anyone who’s worked with – or even just experienced the inner sanctum of – CMG will know how demanding and thankless it all can be …


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