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Video: New Triumph Tiger coming

Triumph has released a video teasing a new adventure bike, to be unveiled during the EICMA show.

The YouTube clip is just a teaser and is therefore light on details, but does drop the interesting information that the new bike has an new three-cylinder engine (probably in a rush to meet Euro4 regulations). The camera flashes at the left-hand electronics controls, the front wheel and the bodywork and tells us that the bike is “Transformed.”

So what does that mean—a return to a 21-inch front wheel, for more off-road stability? Restyled bodywork? Upgraded controls? Visordown seems to think so, stating that both the 800 cc and 1215 cc Tigers will see a restyling and some other upgrades, but horsepower will remain the same. Visordown also predicts Triumph will do its usual split down the Tiger line, with an model oriented at off-road, and one aimed at on-road use, with some sort of alphabet soup name.

We’ll know more when the bike is unveiled on November 7.

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