Friday the 13th Fudge!

Hey CMG fans!

Here, for one week only, we’re returning to Friday Fudge. But, only because it’s a special day—it’s Friday the 13th! And instead of riding to Port Dover and hanging out with thong-wearing cruiser riders (Mark would go, but his G-string is at the laundromat), we thought we’d share some real Friday the 13th action with you—footage of riders suffering from a severe case of bad luck. 

Some of these are YouTube classics, some of them we haven’t seen before, but either way, they’re scary enough to make you think twice about going for a ride today, especially if you’ve just broken a mirror, had a black cat cross your path, or spilled the salt. Especially if you’ve just spilled the salt.

Here’s the first victim. His bad luck appears to be that he was born too stupid to wear proper riding gear. Should we be blaming his upbringing? His environment? Or was he just born on Friday the 13th?

Ah, another victim of bad luck. But really, is it bad luck if you bring it on yourself? This cat has stupid written all over him. It’s like one of those Twilight Zone episodes, where someone sees their grisly fate in the future, and tries to avoid it, but it happens anyway. The onlookers here seem eager to dissuade this wannabe hooligan from his stupidity, but he insists, and ends up looking like a boob. Perfect!

Here’s the classic clip of the French motojourno who was unlucky enough to clip a sidebag while riding along the edge of a wharf. Frankly, I can’t make too much fun of him, because I came close to doing the same thing once while riding around a chain link fence on top of a super-steep hill in Quebec. Difference is, this guy was unlucky enough to not only have a spectacular bike crash, but have it all captured on film too.

Yup. No way you’re riding this one out. Straight-up bad luck. Even if he hadn’t been pulling wheelies, this dude wasn’t going to have this end nicely.

And one more in the classic “wheels fall off” category. At least he has some great footage he can brag about and share with his friends … or even the whole world, via YouTube.

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