Vancouver cops get Zero motorcycles

The Vancouver police department is going electric, sort of.

The VPD now has Zero DSRP motorcycles in the lineup, but at this time, it only has two bikes. The whole motorcycle fleet hasn’t switched over to battery bikes.

The DSRP is a model Zero designed specifically for users such as police departments. The VPD’s spokesthingie said the police selected that model “for its stealth, low cost of operation, hassle-free maintenance, and minimal environmental impact.” Supposedly, the police see value in using battery bikes in places like public parks and trails because it’s quiet and has zero emissions.

According to Zero’s press release, the VPD is the 100th police department to purchase Zero motorcycles for its fleet. Whether internal combustion fanboys like it or not, battery bikes are here to stay.

4 thoughts on “Vancouver cops get Zero motorcycles”

  1. That would be a great escape. Have some VPD officer on his Zero chase me down the road (highway?!) for some inane infraction, and then, he fades into the distance in my mirrors, and I realize he has run out of juice !!

    1. then one day a tesla police car p100d suddenly appears in your mirrors and forces you to stop before you kill yourself like an idiot

  2. Sounds like police forces are using the Zero bikes instead of Segways. Makes sense to use them in areas of foot traffic for all the reasons listed, as well as their superior speed capability and the ability to carry more gear. I’m skeptical that they will be used for highway duty any time soon.

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