EagleRider opens Calgary location

EagleRider has just opened a motorcycle rental outlet in Calgary, just in time for the summer riding season.

EagleRider is the world’s largest motorcycle rental company, with locations around the globe. Right now, EagleRider seems to be in an expansion phase, as the company has also recently announced a deal with Harley-Davidson that sees it exclusively renting the MoCo’s bikes in the Touring and Large Cruiser segment. That deal also saw EagleRider begin a partnership with Harley-Davidson dealerships that sees the rental company using those locations as pick-up and drop-off points for bikes.

For now, it seems the Calgary outlet will only rent Harley-Davidson motorcycles, with prices ranging from $109 a day to $149 a day, depending how long you’re renting one for. Find more information at EagleRider’s website.

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