Robbie Maddison surf sequel shut down

Robbie Maddison has conquered an aircraft boneyard and bobsled run by motorcycle. He’s even ridden his bike on water. But he recently ran up against his greatest opponent yet: socially conscious ex-pat surfers.

Maddison was reportedly at the beach recently in the Mexican town of Todos Santos, aiming to do another motorcycle surfing video, with a full entourage, when the shoot was shut down by locals. Details are a bit slim, but it seems an angry American surfer took offense at the idea of riding the motorcycle at his favourite spot to catch waves, and kicked up enough fuss that the shoot was canceled (more details here at

Maddison has shot back with his own version of the story, saying he had permits in place, the locals had been offered payment for their troubles, and he was being very respectful.

Whoever you believe, it looks like we’ll have to wait a while for a repeat of Maddison’s mad surfing skills on display. Maybe some Canadian fan should tell him to scrap the whole surfing thing, and take up snowbiking instead? We’re pretty sure Maddison could give us a very impressive stunt show if he hit the Rockies at the right time of year.

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    1. Now extrapolate to… , but keep them out of the forest. Or, …keep them out of downtown. Or ?? where does it end?

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