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Winter got you down? The Adventurists can help

This is a dark time for Canadian motorcyclists, and not just because the winter months mean the days are shorter. For many riders, it’s been months since they’ve ridden their bikes.

What to do? Sit around and mope, watching Easy Rider or Mondo Enduro on repeat? Endlessly watch the same Dakar highlights, all day long? Here’s a suggestion: Head over to The Adventurists website and follow the Monkey Run or the Rickshaw Run.

We’ve told you about both of these events before; the Monkey Run sends riders through the Moroccan desert aboard mini bikes (and sounds like a pretty fun adventure, if we do say so ourselves). You can see the event’s live tracker here. The Rickshaw Run sends teams through India on converted moto-taxis, and frankly, looks even a bit too mad for even the CMG inmates — see the tracking here.

Remember, just because you’re old and out of shape and too poor to race Dakar doesn’t mean you have to spend next January in a slump on your couch. Check out what the Adventurists have to offer, and if winter is really crushing your soul, scrape together the money for some minibike madness next year. And then, please write a story for CMG about it, with plenty of pix — we’d love to hear about it.

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