No new superbikes from MV Agusta, for now

MV Agusta’s financial troubles mean the Italian manufacturer won’t be developing any new superbikes, at least for now, says their CEO.

Giovanni Castiglioni told AMCN (we saw it on Asphalt & Rubber) his company’s financial woes will impact the lineup.

There is no new superbike coming anytime soon, meaning any new models will be reconfigurations of existing platforms. MV Agusta has already been doing plenty of this in the past few years, so in some ways, this is just more of the same. Expect more variations of the existing three-cylinder and four-cylinder platforms, instead of all-new designs.

This is all part of MV Agusta’s restructuring, which will see the company build fewer motorcycles in order to get costs under control. The new capital Black Ocean invested last fall means the manufacturer must buckle down; Castiglioni told AMCN production will decrease to 5,000 units a year, from the current 10,000 mark, and MV Agusta has also had to let many staff go to save money.

These are short-term survival moves, for sure, with an interesting effect on the future; in an age where Euro-bikes lead the pack in innovation, how much time can MV Agusta afford to lose in the technical arms race before losing relevance? The coming months will tell.

8 thoughts on “No new superbikes from MV Agusta, for now”

  1. Why is Blackies evil twin wasting time and effort reading about MV Agusta and We the elite….Coffee Bar POSEURS as you have implied reading past comments.
    Motorcycling is not elitist you either are one or not. We all have the same passion no matter what the breed of the steed.
    You sound a bit Green Eyed Monster I think. 👽

  2. I have two of the beauties in my garage and want another. I hope MV Agusta have everyou success in everything they do. In reference to the comment above…..yes I am a Coffee bar poser as you so eloquently put it but it never makes me bitter.

    1. “…but it never makes me bitter.”
      Well then, you obviously don’t pose outside Starbucks – world renowned for having bitter coffee. 🙂

  3. This is the wrong picture of F4RC or better the first color scheme before the AMG stickers and some others sponsor put on fairing of model year 2015.

    1. Sure, as an MV owner I might be a poser in your eyes, but how many total strangers have stopped you outside said coffee shop to tell you your bike is beautiful?

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