New dates for Fundy Adventure Rally

We’ve got a couple big pieces of news for you from the Fundy Adventure Rally!

First off, the dates have been announced for the 2017 rally. Next year’s FAR will run August 17-20, and it’s returning to Adair’s Wilderness Lodge in Shepody, NB. Registration will open March 1, so if you’re interested in going this year, be ready.

Second, the 2017 Fundy Adventure Rally will also host the Canadian 2018 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Qualifier. The three best riders from the East, Central, and Rocky Mountain challenges (Montreal, Ontario, Alberta) will all meet up to make a team of nine finalists meeting up at FAR. From that team, BMW Motorrad will choose three riders to continue to the 2018 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy.

Otherwise, the rally will be familiar to FAR participants; there will be 500+ km route, with three levels of difficulty to suit all riders, along with self-guided day tours, demo rides, a scavenger hunt ride, Adair’s excellent BBQ, and all the rest of the package. Find more details in the official FAR press release below:

The Fundy Adventure Rally Returns!

The 4th annual Fundy Adventure Rally (F.A.R.) is returning to Adair’s Wilderness Lodge near Sussex, NB and the beautiful Bay of Fundy area. We’ve got new dates this year, August 17-20!

The big news is the addition of the 2018 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Qualifier for Canada. The three best riders of the 2017 GS Challenge East (Montreal) will join the Central (Ontario) and Rocky Mountain (Alberta) winners to form a team of 9 finalists. During the final at the Fundy Adventure Rally, BMW Motorrad Canada will pick three riders to represent Canada at the 2018 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy. It is possible that all three winners of the final come from the same region.

The main event of the rally, the A-B-C Team Ride, consists of a 500+ kilometer GPS route through the spectacular Fundy area featuring ideal terrain for the adventure rider: varied, challenging, and scenic. Teams have added safety courtesy of SPOT GPS trackers. Riders have the option of easier gravel roads or gnarlier dirt ones at each leg along the loop, the gnarlier options gaining more points. The number of points attained will determine if a team leaves with a Bronze, Silver or Gold level certificate.

As with previous years, on day one we’ll be offering self guided tours, rider training sessions, workshops, and demo rides from BMW. Day two has the addition of BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Qualifier for Canada, first six special exercises. The A-B-C Team and Scavenger rides kick off day 3 and we meet for the post-ride BBQ for food and tall tales. The completion of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Qualifier exercises, awards banquet and prizes is held on Sunday.

Registration open March 1, 2017.

For more information on the regional BMW Motorrad GS Challenge qualifiers at:

GS Challenge Montreal   GS Challenge Ontario  GS Challenge Rocky Mountain

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  1. How cool would it be to let the (willing) FAR participants have a go at the BMW Trophy Qualifier track following that event!

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