Go east, young man!

Made-in-India Indians may be available on the Indian market — sort of.

It’s all a bit confusing, but reports from India’s moto-press say Indian Motorcycles is planning to start assembling motorcycles in that country, from complete knock down kits (CKD).

Such a move has been rumoured for some time now, but now the Economic Times has quoted a Polaris bigwig as saying the move would come in the next three-five years.

So what? Aside from the continued focus from the major manufacturers on the Indian market, how does this affect us in Canada? Here’s why: The parts will be going both ways — into the country, and out. According to the article:

“The Indian subsidiary will facilitate Indian component makers to supply to its manufacturing units in the US and Europe for ATVs, motorcycles and agriculture products.”

In other words, expect more made-in-India pieces on your Victory or Indian in the future — at least, according to the Times, which isn’t necessarily correct.

But that move would be no surprise. After all, Harley-Davidson already makes motorcycles in India for the international market, so this is just one more case of Polaris and its subsidiaries keeping up with cruiser culture.

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