Brit mag claims to know details of new CBR1000RR

MCN says they have inside details of the new Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade, supposedly set to hit showrooms next year. Their information is said to come from a source inside Honda.

According to the British magazine, Honda’s new litre-bike will make a little more power — 180 hp at the wheel, up from the current model’s 175 hp. Of course, the airbox, fuel injection, and engine will all receive changes, probably just as much due to upcoming Euro4 emissions regulations as any desire for power gains. MCN also claims the bike will lose weight, dropping 8 kg.

More importantly, MCN says the new bike will get a comprehensive update to its electronic rider aids systems, with a package from Bosch that includes their Inertial Measuring Unit. That means the new Fireblade will have leaning ABS, as well as traction control, anti-wheelie system, and standard antilock brakes.

Also, MCN says the new bike will have semi-active suspension that works in conjunction with the Bosch electronics, similar to the system on Ducati’s Panigale 1299 S, but supposedly more advanced. MCN says riders will have the choice of leaving the bike with fixed suspension settings, or configuring it to self-adjust to changing road conditions.

MCN did not publish photos of the new bike, but did post some concept shots that could hint at the direction Honda will go with its styling. For a look at those guesstimations, and other details, click here.

2 thoughts on “Brit mag claims to know details of new CBR1000RR”

  1. Current bike never tested at 175 at the wheel, so it would need A LOT more power to do 180 at the wheel. But hopefully it will retain the honda traits of rideability & control…then again with the aids everything’s become easier to ride. I think it’s already lighter than most except the Paniguido, so another 8kg would be killer.

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