CARB documents hint at new Yamaha R1 bare-bones model has unearthed documents from the California Air Resource Board that seem to indicate another version of the Yamaha R1 will be introduced soon.

For 2015, Yamaha has already unveiled a new R1 and R1M. The CARB documents hint that we’ll see another version soon, an R1S. In theory, this will be a budget-priced version of the superbike.

CARB has three different R1 models coming into California in 2016. The existing R1 and R1M are on the books, and there’s also a new model, the R1S, that’s mysteriously listed as a “YZF-R1 Basic Cal Model.” Does that mean the R1S will be California-only? That’s hard to see.

From the look of the CARB document, it appears the R1S will have the same basic anti-pollution equipment as the R1M and R1, meaning the powerplant is likely basically the same. So where would the savings come from? What would make this a “basic model”? Perhaps we can expect cheaper suspension and paint?

As points out, Yamaha filed a trademark for the R1S name back in 2014, but of course we haven’t seen it released yet.


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